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SuperMarket has been built from scratch to offer users the best performance and feature set available on the darknet. We know everybody claims this, but we know we mean it! Not only do we wish to deliver the best user experience through unique features such as walletless and accountless ordering, but we are confident that we offer the best security available on Tor. With former giants of the darknet space such as Kingdom Market and Monopoly Market having been seized by law enforcement in recent years, it's more important than ever that you choose a darknet market that prioritizes security and anonymity. That is why SuperMarket exists.

SuperMarket can only be accessed using the Tor Browser. This is totally free to download and works on Windows, Mac, Linux, Android and iOS.

SuperMarket - We're All About Privacy and Security

We ensure that SuperMarket goes above and beyond in terms of user experience and security features. We offer Two Factor Authentication (2FA) for accounts, full support for Pretty Good Privacy (PGP) tools and even accountless ordering for the most paranoid users who wish to leave no trace. However, even for those operating without an account, you can still communicate with vendors, raise disputes, contact support and even submit reviews. We do this by providing a unique code that can be used to access orders.

Thanks to walletless pay you can simply choose what you want, provide your encrypted shipping address to the vendor, then send the specified payment amount in Monero to the address you are provided. As it's Monero, it's entirely anonymous and untraceable. Don't just take out word of it. Even government's can't crack Monero's security, resulting in cryptocurrency exchanges such as Binance opting to delist it - what better endorsement of its untraceability! Unlike many other darknet markets, we don't accept Bitcoin to ensure the privacy safety of all our users (and ourselves of course). Learn more about Monero and where to buy it here.

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Features of SuperMarket Darknet Market

Here's a taster of the many features offered on SuperMarket:

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SuperMarket Darknet Market Rules

It is imperative that you study and follow all rules whilst using SuperMarket. This is for your own safety and the safety of others. Failure to do so will result in suspension:

In addition to the above, we will not tolerate any activity that may cause harm to other people or animals. This includes weapons, human trafficking and contract killing services to give a few examples. SuperMarket aims to provide a safe darknet community for all.

The SuperMarket Dispute System

What are the acceptable reasons to raise a dispute?

What are unacceptable reasons to raise a dispute, which are likely to be rejected?

We always try to come to fair resolutions and will consider both sides before reaching a judgment. The buyer and vendor will also be given an opportunity to find a resolution between them, such as a partial reship or refund in the event of a disagreement.

The SuperMarket Casino

Finally, SuperMarket isn't just a market, but also a casino! We offer a range of different games which you can play using Monero. Got a bit of leftover Monero after placing an order? Why not give one a go and see if you can get lucky!

SuperMarket Casino

Harm Reduction & Giving Back to the Darknet Community

Since launching in July 2023, SuperMarket has supported many different community initiatives aimed at promoting harm reduction, safety and security. These have included fundraisers for Test4Pay and Dread, and we have more campaigns planned in the future. We believe it's important to give something back and be a force for good. We also provide a selection of harm reduction information which is available here.

The whole SuperMarket Team hopes you check out what we have to offer very soon and looks forward to seeing you. If you have any further questions for us, feel free to submit a support ticket and we'll aim to get back to you as quickly as possible.

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